1000+ brands and agencies are already using Coolix to create their interactive video campaigns.

... Coolix product was able to deliver everything we expected and more. As a result, we intend to expand the use of Coolix's product, by offering it to other Nestle brand managers around the world.
Yair Restatcher - Digital Marketing Manager at Nestle

Shatter Your Media Glass Ceiling With Interactive Video Ads

The smartest way to invest your advertising budget

Playable Ads - Must Have Ad Format

Playables drive greater performance due to providing a testing function of the game or app. By creating a version in the ad that is close to the actual app or game, advertisers are able to offer a more tangible experience to users rather than them having to guess about the app’s usability – this helps to increase the likelihood of them downloading the app. Better conversion rate. Higher engagement rate. Increased retention and TLV.

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Rock Your Sales

Does your video shows a product you want to sell? why won’t you add a CTA (Call to Action) on top of the video linking to the product it self? synchronize those items with video timeline and make it look like your own. Make your video Shoppable! Using a customizable “call to actions” on your video will make your videos conversion X5 times better

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Tell your business story in a unique way

Use the Direction template to create interactive storytelling like never before. Watch this video that was designed for one of the biggest gaming companies “Playtika” Choose your path!  Using an interactive storytelling template will generate 15% – engaged users from your total viewers.   

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Generate Leads and Order requests

Create a lead form and ask your audience to send you their contact details. Build a data base of users  and follow their behavior on your videos. Ask your viewers to place an order or choose their service preferences. Use our premium tools to integrate the input directly to your CRM.

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Get started in minutes

In under 5 minutes you can generate your first interactive video. Coolix platform is based on templates so you can finish your masterpeace in no time!

Marketing objectives

Need help to achieve your marketing goal? Look no further! Coolix has you covered. We have developed templates based on marketing objectives.

Built for any device

Is this technology works on all platforms? Yes! Ios, Android, or desktop Coolix technology can reach all of your viewers on any device that they are using.

Advanced Features

At Coolix we strongly believe that passive advertising is a thing of the past and advertising should be adynamic and personalized to help you turn every viewer into customer. Our easy to use, customizable platform can be tailored to your specific advertising needs.

Improve conversion & ROI

Videos are the best way to drive viewers attention, but it’s tough to measure the impact of your video campaign with the existing analytics. Instead of measuring video completion rates use the actual engagement on the video and collect the user preferences data directly from the video.  

Track user behavior

Looking at video compilation is important, but with Coolix metrix you gain much more that. Our platform will show you everything you need to know on the user behaviour directly from the video tag. Clicks, Session duration, Event tracking and more.

Aggregate data & preferences

Once your viewer interact with a Coolix video you can aggregate their preferences using Facebook pixel, Google pixel or any other tracking tag to help you retarget the user based on his specific behaviour. Use our smart tag to generate a personalized dynamic experience based on user demographic status.

VAST & VPAID support

Coolix premium users can generate a programmatic Vpaid tag. This smart interactive tag can be used on all IAB standardized players and publishers to help you improve your audience reach.

Built to empower your existing video

Simplify the way you drive user engagement and achieve your business goals with interactive video. Get started with our powerful, yet straightforward platform, flexible and frustration-free interaction editing tool. All powered by the Coolix platform in the cloud.