Creating a Custom Audience

So assuming you have created a Facebook Pixel and configured it on your Coolix video (Make sure you re-published the video after adding the Facebook Pixel) you shell now see a green light on your Facebook pixel. Now it’s time to create a custom audience set.

What is a custom audience

Before we get into the technical part let’s take a minute to discuss what is the Facebook audience in case you’re not familiar with it already. Basically, it allows us to define a group of people who we’d like to advertise later on (on Facebook) based on our own criteria, but not just that we want this audience to automatically be populated from the Coolix interactive video having some rules for instance, let’s say you’d like to create a Facebook ad only for the people who watched 75% of your Coolix video, or for those who got engaged on some product on your interactive catalog, etc.

So how do make it happen

  1. Go to the Facebook Business dashboard and navigate to Events Manager under Measure & report section.
  2. You should be able to see your Pixel with a green light right there – if that’s not the case use the Facebook Pixel Helper to see if everything is configured correctly.
  3. Click on the Details button in Pixel row.
  4. Click Create Custom Audience.
  5. On the drop-down select Click (under From your events).
  6. Click Refine by and select URL/Parameter.
  7. On the first drop-down select content_category, and equals on the second drop-down.
  8. Enter View Rate (Note: Facebook made it impossible to type space, but you can copy and paste it there).
  9. Click on And also, select category_name on the first drop-down, and equals on the second one.
  10. Type Complete. (Note it’s case-sensitive make sure to use a capital letter).
  11. Enter some Audience name and click Create Audience.
  12. Your custom audience is now set, you can use this audience from now on to filter only people who viewed – and completed you Coolix video (it will track all videos set with this Pixel ID), go ahead and click Done.

Please review the list of available pixel parameters to see all the possible content_category & content_name options with Coolix interactive video.