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COOLIX Creates First-Ever Real-Time, Interactive Online Fashion Show for Factory 54 Retail Store

Published on: January 22, 2018

Live Streaming Technology a First for Israeli Fashion Industry

Tel Aviv, Israel, September 5th, 2017 – COOLIX, developers of an interactive video platform that enables video content to be turned into dynamic experiences that invite viewers to take action while watching, has developed a unique live streaming technology for the Factory 54 show, enabling online viewers to make purchases during the show.

Factory 54, a fashion company with 7 branches around the country selling over 85 international brands for women and men, recently unveiled its new collection in a Tel Aviv fashion show. The show streamed live on the company’s website, with synchronized interactive elements such as an informative area on the side displaying the various outfits worn by the models, information and prices, and a function that enabled viewers to purchase items during or at the end of the show.

According to Elyakim Drori, founder of Coolix, there is a problematic gap, especially for advertisers, between the frequency with which the words “visit site for more details” are heard and the relatively low percentage of consumers who bother to surf the site following an advertisement. He believes that “Most of the ads that we encounter can make us recognize and like the product, but their ability to make us engage in the product, that is, to perform actions that lead to the purchase, is quite low. COOLIX’s technology tools are designed to help by turning video clips, including advertisements, into dynamic experiences that invite the viewer to take action while watching.”

This engagement yields impressive results as well. According to Amir Rosen, IT infrastructure & Applications Management at Factory 54, “During the live streaming fashion show, we saw massive audience engagement and conversions and we were provided with robust data. We received 47.11% overall engagement of 18% unique engagement and generated high revenue from items that were bought during the real-time 20-minute event. We are looking forward to many more events together. Coolix and Fashion 54 are a winning team.”

Drori says his company is currently implementing its technology on three different types of content: standard commercials that appear at the beginning or the middle of television and internet content, native content ads, and live streaming – like the Factory 54 fashion show, on which an interactive layer is placed. “We expect the interactive layer on streaming to grow over time,” says Drori. “One of the areas I believe has the greatest potential for this is sports broadcasting…This is just the beginning.”

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