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How It Works

Spread The Word

When you refer a new member to Coolix, we will remember your referral to the lifespan of the user, 

Give Discount, Make a Sell

All partners get a unique coupon code that they can provide discounts, and of course, use the coupon to get a discount for themselves as well.

Get Paid

Provide us your PayPal email, and we’ll send you money every month for your performance.


Coolix Partner

  • 10% Commission
  • 10% Coupon

Terms & Conditions

  • You must have a Coolix account
    We believe that having a Coolix account and being familiar with the product & offering is essential.
  • Lifetime Commission
    When you refer a new user to Coolix, we will keep your referral for the lifetime of that user, you will get the commission for all future subscriptions & upgrades of that user. If the user is not registering right away thew, we will keep the referral for 30-days.
  • 30 Days clearance period
    We offer a 30-day money back to our customers, that means the commission will only be approved after the 30-days clearance period.
  • $10 Payout Minimum
    Transactions are done on the 10th of each month through Paypal directly to your account. As long as the minimum commission balance is $10. Otherwise, the balance will roll over to the next month.
  • VAT excluded
    Coolix charge VAT (Volume Added Taxes) based on the country of the customer, that would be excluded from the commission fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get paid to your PayPal or bank account – you will need to configure in the settings of your Paddle account after becoming a partner.

Unfortunately, Paddle charges 5% fee from on sales processed via affiliates.

Absolutely, however, you won’t be able to get a commission for that.

Yes, we provide all the available official marketing materials like example videos, banners, application screenshots, etc… that you can use to promote sales, we also keep you updated with our partner’s mailing list.

You will be able to login to your dashboard from to track your progress.

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