Interactive Catalog

Sell directly from your video

Highly Customizable

Use your own theme colors text and images to make the interactive catalog look like your website and brand guidelines. Select between different layouts to make it fit your video content.

Made For Mobile

Coolix tested our interactive catalog on top of multiple platforms to make sure that the experience works great with mobile devices on landscape and portrait view.

3rd Party Integrations

With Coolix interactive catalog you can easily integrate your products to your product pages. Furthermore, our account managers can help you integrate the interactive activity on the video to your e-commerce platform.

Hot spots

In the Coolix App, you can create your hot spots, choose and create new actions such as, interactive catalog, seek video and direct link to your web-page. The interactive catalog slider is super useful for any service provider or a retailer. Use the interactive catalog to offer your audience your product or service. 

Make it your own

Change the layout, the colors, the look and feel to fit your brand guidelines, make it look special, add image background, so much you can do with it…

Analyze user's behavior

Coolix provide over 15 metrics to track all user’s behavior giving you a clear vision of your video engagement.

Any User Input

Text Input

Use to add the user’s name, email address, phone number or anything else you need.

Drop Down Selection

Let the user select from an enclosed list of options, you may even provide different values to store on your CRM.


Just inform the user about something, maybe letting him know that by submitting the form his applies to your terms of use.

Advanced Features

  • UTM’s or direct links
  • Slide Show
  • Up to 3 different catalogs
  • Coolix Pixel integration to see actual acquisitions and goals
  • Event tracking

Looking For More?

We’ve got a lot more to show you…

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