Platform Features



Get an Iframe to embed in our own website, blog or even on a publisher site. You can also adjust the iframe size to your need.


Automatically generated a VPAID tag to publish the interactive video on the programmatic ad networks.

* Available only on enterprise plan.

Facebook Link Post

Post a link on the Facebook feed, this will play the interactive video right in the Facebook browser (on mobile devices) once the user clicks the link.

JS Code

Coolix support JS code export to embed on a website or even on JS enabled display ads.

Publish While On-Air

Coolix enables updating the interactive layer while the video is live and published without updating the tag even on VPAID ads.

Version Control

Each time a video is published on Coolix we automatically save a copy of it, allowing you to later recover a previously published version.

Facebook Open Graph

We allow customizing the OG (Open Graph) tags, to specify an image, title & description for sharing the interactive video on social networks.

Multiple Players

Choose a player from our supported list of players. You can also customize the player look & feel to your brand colors.

All Major Browsers

Coolix interactive video works best on all major browsers including: Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer & more.

Mobile Support

Coolix interactive video works best on all major smartphones connected to the internet including: iPhone & Android.

iOS & Android in-app Video

Coolix interactive video can be embedded inside an app on iPhone iOS & Android using a webview.

Video Handeling

CDN Hosting

We provide a powerful CDN (Content Delivery Network) hosting to distribute the video assets faster over local networks.

Upload Video

Upload your existing video to our built-in hosting, we got you covered for fast distrebution and loading time.

Embed YouTube

Looking to use your existing videos from YouTube? you got it. We even count the views on the interactive video for YouTube as well.

Self-Hosted Video

You can use your own servers to distribute the video.

* Available only on enterprise plan.

MP4 Format

Coolix supports the most common video format (MP4), for any other format, there are plenty of conversion tools.

Vertical Video

You can use 16:9 and 9:16 fully featured with the interactive layer adapted to the video size.

Unlimited Duration

Literally, we don’t limit the video duration, you can use it in a Hollywood movie if you must.


Multiple Members

Invite your colleges into the app to share and edit the same videos together.

* Available only on enterprise plan.

Quick Duplicate

Simply duplicate your video project to create A/B testing or scaling the same functionality to multiple videos.

Video Boilerplates

Use our built-in boilerplates to get started quickly, already integrated with major 3rd-parties and have the preset for your template.


This enables you to archive any video project not relevant anymore while keeping the ability to restore it later.


Easily tag and group your video projects, that will help you move around when you’ve got lots of them.


Google Analytics

Add your own Google Analytics tracking ID to the video, we will automatically populate the usage data to your Google Analytics account.

Facebook Pixel

Add your own Facebook Pixel ID to the video, this can help you keep track and re-target your viewers as well as get a better understanding of their behavior.

Event Tracking

Each template will send relevant events (for example: leads form template will track lead events) as well as all generic user events.

Data Insights

We provide a user behavior insights gained for all your published videos to answer your business questions such as who are your customers, where are they located, etc…

Duration Tracking

Each stage of the interactive video is monitored by itself to track the user duration, that way you’ve got a clear sight on how long they spent on each stage.


Coolix allows VPAID wrapping for 3rd-party analytics verification such as Sizmek.

* Available only on enterprise plan.

Creative Customization

Media Library

Use our built-in media library to manage and organize all your assets for the interactive video.

Google Fonts

Use any system font or choose from Google Fonts to easily add it to your interactive video.

Color Picker

We got you covered with an awesome color picker allowing you to set the look & feel of your brand.

Animations & Effects

Choose from a variety built-in animations and transitions carefully crafted for each template.

External Assets

Allowing importing external images & media assets right into the video.

Right-to-Left Languages

Fully supported both Left-to-Right and Right-to-Left directions across all of the templates.

Live Preview

See live preview while editing the interactive layer, getting a glimpse on the final result will look like.


17 CDN Datacenters

We got 17 CDN datacenters located mostly in Europe & North America, allowing fast and stable content distribution across the planet.

Verified SSL

All of the Coolix platform (end-to-end) is secured with SSL and certified by trusted certificate authorities.

Player API

We provide public API to the Coolix player & interactive layer allowing higher level of integration for advanced users.

Strictly Secured

We use 256bit AES encryption and hashing to provide highly secured tokens to all platform users.

Optimized for Speed

The published video is optimized for fast loading even on slow networks and busy websites. We optimize the code & all assets as well as content caching to make the publishev video perform at it’s best.

Send Instructions

We allow easy integration & setup, however, for non-technical users there’s an easy option to send all required instructions with a single click.

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