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Yes is formally incorporated as D.B.S Satellite services. It’s the biggest television provider in Israel. Mccann serves as their Ad agency. This project was a collaboration of the creative team and Coolix team to find a way to grab the audience attention to the narrative and story-line of the new TV channel YES Edge.


Mccann have given a clear brief to Coolix to edit some video scenes and ask the audience to participate and take action. The audience is choosing between different narratives some of them have humor and some are more serious. When the viewer is clicking on his answer he will receive a feedback that will tell him if he was correct or wrong. 


The results shows that 1 of 8 viewers clicked the interactive interface and took action. This is 10 times better then industry standards. The CTR was impressive as well. especially if you  take into consideration hat it was only available for 2 seconds at the end of the video as requested by the ad agency. 


Yes is the sole direct broadcast satellite television provider in Israel, serving over 600k subscribers.



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