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Expose the viewers to a new branch of Nestle. Take a global video and localize it. The Israeli market has many other coffee brands already and Nescafe Dolce Gusto must show it’s uniqueness in order to grab the audience attention. Nestle’s innovation and digital marketing departments turned to Coolix to find the right way for the local audience to engage with the content. Nescafe Dolce Gusto have already built an e-commerce website and are looking o increase the amount of visitors on site.


Coolix has created a “mini site” inside the video. Instead of the generic CTR button we’ve replaced it with 3 hot-spots and a call to action. Each of those buttons opened a catalog. 

The first catalog showed information on the brand. The second showed information on the machines. The third button showed information on the flavors. in each of the catalog slides there was an additional Call to action with a traceable link (UTM) to show future conversion.

At the same time, we have lunched a AB testing campaign with a regular CTA. The results where amazing! 

A/B Testing

Here are the results of the two campaigns. The linear with the standard CTA, and the Coolix campaign with the Interactive modules. 

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The results clearly shows that Coolix technology is much more effective then the standard CTA. On top of that there is the data layer. We can’t share the numbers and details. But let’s just say that the input on the audience behavior was never seen before on a video campaign.

Coolix captured our imagination from the moment they presented to Nestle's brand management and innovation departments. In fact, Nestle global top executive, moved quickly to test the effectiveness of the Coolix technology, choosing the Dolce Gusto brand for the initial pilot.

Despite a very tight timeframe, we were very impressed by the way Coolix fulfilled the Dolce Gusto brief. Their design work closely matched the design elements of the brand, and they responded efficiently to satisfy all our requests.

The campaign was launched using the GOOGLE DBM system and the results were amazing by any standards – from brand awareness to high conversion and exceptional user engagement.

Coolix's product was able to deliver everything we expected and more. As a result, we intend to expand the use of Coolix's product, by offering it to other Nestle brand managers around the world.

Yair Restatcher
Digital Marketing Manager at Nestle

Nestle is the largest food and drink company in the world.


The Nescafé Dolce Gusto brand is a coffee capsule system providing both coffee machines and flavors.


335k+ employees


Food & Drinks, Coffee