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The Challenge

Expose the viewer to 3 different services provided by Leumi Card in a single pre-roll commercial: Leumi Card benefits, recover credit card pin code & allowing to split the monthly charges of international payments.


We provided Leumi Card an interactive video with 3 sections, one for each provided service, engaging the users and sending them to the mobile app store / company website based on the origin device.


Leumi Card are highly satisfied by the results of the pre-roll interactive campaign and looking forward to use the technology on future video campaigns as well. 

As part of our strategy to promote digital innovation, we are constantly working on new and creative solutions to improve interactions with our users.

Research data examining the campaign demonstrated its popularity with our users, and Leumi Card scored very highly on indices of innovation and digitalization.

The use of the tool proved itself well in the campaign with excellent levels of customer involvement and exposure data, which led to a high number of app downloads.

Noya Yanai Israeli
Head of Corporate Marketing at Leumi Card

Leumi Card Ltd. is one of the three Israeli credit card companies offering credit cards, clearing services and credit solutions.

Leumi Card operates charges of approximately 2.5 million valid cards and serves more than 40,000 businesses.


Bnei Brak, Israel

AD Agency



1,600+ employees


Credit & Finance