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Factory 54 is a super innovative fashion company that looks for new ways to engage with the audience. in the latest fashion show they wanted to create an experience unlike ever seen before. During the live fashion show they are allowing audience at home to shop items that are fresh and seen for the first time directly form the runway. This is a huge challenge! There no possible way for today’s algorithms to process the video in milliseconds and synchronize the timing of more then 110 looks on the runway on real time. 

Coolix was called to find the right solution for this challenge. Using our strong development teams and our experience in user interface we have suggested a new approach to solve the synchronization problem and inject the right interactive content in the right time.


Using our real time (interactive live streaming video) CMS – we allow content owners and producers to control the interactive overlay and to inject the relevant content to the audience.  For example, if you see a model with a red dress walks to the runway you will click the red image from on the CMS interface to call upon the interactive module. In this second all the viewers that are currently connected to the live streaming event will receive this injection on the left side of the scree.

On top of that, the user could click the item and then get more details, zoom and pan, and add the item automatically to his favorites. the user can also scroll to previous items or to see his list of favorites items on top of the video. 


The main concern for this project was from the technical side. Coolix had to use a YouTube player embed it into Facebook and generate the smart overlay. Factory 54 were concerned that the never tested before technology will have bugs on real time. It’s important to mention that unlike a pre-roll that is being sent to mass of audience here you have a hooked audience for more then 20 minutes they will not refresh the tab, so every problem will not be solved on real time. They had to trust Coolix technological abilities to be reliable and stable at the first and only shot. “If the interactive layer won’t stuck the live streaming video it will be a success” said Factory 54 CEO. But at the end of the event he said “This was more then I ever expected, It’s a sensational technology.” 

The live streaming interactive video event went flawlessly. Furthermore, the engagement was amazingly high. and just to add some sugar to the top of the ice-cream their were real acquisitions from the video! “we had one viewer that bought a dress that cost $1500 – that’s just crazy!” said Coolix CEO Elyakim Drori. 

I was particularly impressed with Coolix ability in handling even the toughest technological challenges, and doing so effortlessly.

The pilot was highly successful, and they delivered a flawless execution that is not available with any other player in their space. During the live streaming show, we saw massive audience engagement, conversions and were provided with robust data. We are looking forward to many more events together.

Amir Rosen
IT infrastructure & Applications Management

Factory 54 is a luxury fashion brand that operates in Israel. They are the biggest distributors for well known brands such as Michael Kors, Tory Burch, CK, Tommy Hilfiger, etc…


Tel-Aviv, Israel


50+ employees